on a 41st Floor Rooftop with pool deck at 500 Brickell Ave.

Brought to you by:
PL0T . LikeThat . LaVillaTech & Rythmburn

*Amazing Tickets, get them quick:



Love in Times of Art (Mix Tape)

Dave Aju - First Love // Circus Company
Robert Dietz - Salon Du Roi (feat. Reboot) // Cécille
Xdistrict - Color Correction (Losoul Rmx) // Playhouse
Blake Baxter - Our Love // Disko B
Prosumer & Murat Tepeli - Believe // Ostgut Ton
Sex Trothler - Jus Your // Wagon Repair
Tim Paris - Unlike // Souvenir
Minilogue - Hispaniola (Mole Rmx) // Cocoon
Ryan Crosson - Under The Willow // Alphahouse
Pole - Achterbahn (Frivolous Rmx) // ~Scape
Dieter Schmidt - Morse Code For The Cold War // Kitsuné
M83 - Teen Angst (Luciano Rmx) // Labels
Shadi Megalla - Lost & Found (feat. Hunny Bunny & Elephant Pixel) // Igloo Pop




After her acclaimed debut album "The waiting room" (Kill The DJ, 2007) Electro-minimal queen Chloé will inaugurate Robert-Johnson's 2009 mix series on January 19, 2009.

The DJ/producer has been tapped by the Offenbach club to begin what will be a four DJ mix series of RJ residents. Set to produce mixes next year will be Prins Thomas, Liquid (Thomas Hammann and Gerd Janson) and Ivan Smagghe. The CDs will be able to be placed in the snazzy 12-inch-sized sleeve pictured to the right, with each mix available separately.

Tracklist Chloé:

01. Gudrun Gut - Rock Bottom Riser
02. DJ Koze - Mariposa
03. Kalabrese - Makelovedisco
04. SIS - Orgsa
05. Shinedoe - Phunk (Steve Angello re-edit)
06. Partial Arts - Cruising
07. Samim & Michal - Circles
08. Vincenzo - The Phantom Image
09. Daso & Pawas - Ice
10. Heiko Mso feat. Malte - Reach
11. Plein Soleil - Casus Belli
12. Larry Heard - Spinal Tap
13. Trulz & Robin feat. Baseman - Turn My Head
14. Homebase - Centrino
15. Seventeen Evergreen - Music Is the Wine (Joakim remix)

Here, Chloé shows her very personal vision of a night at the "Robert Johnson"- a night, where it doesn't matter where you come from, what you normally listen to and what scene you belong to. After 8 years of her residency at the mystic Paris club "Le Pulp" Chloé established - together with Ivan Smagghe and Jennifer Cardini - a sound and an attitude that oscillates between gender roles and combines the heaviness/darkness of bands like Joy Division or Bauhaus with modern Techno productions and electronic chords in minor. Her DJ sets are always hypnotic in their density and build up to a climax that includes both harmony and dissonance, repetition and rupture and complexity and spontaneity. Body and spirit - it's all there.

Webpage Chloé

Chloé MySpace

Robert Johnson


Thom Yorke - And It Rained All Night (Burial Remix)


Sound Postcards from the latest issue of Uovo:

Sebastian Tellier - Destination Miami
Joakim - One minute to catch up and forget
Dsicodeine - Choral
Camille Henrot - My Way
Nobukazu Takemura - Untitled
Brezel Goring - Kinder panic acoustique
The Devastations - The data response
Etienne Jaumet - Etienne Jaumet

..some porn a came across.

happy holidays !!



Una salsita contemporanea...

Kalabrese - Alberto Feat Gustavo Delux | Phictiv [MySp]

available at beatport.


Lee Curtiss::[Dumb-Unit/Mothership/Spectral Sound][ MySp]
Lee Curtiss has been forging his uniquely backwoods, yet avant-garde and primal brand of deep and twisted dance music since the late 1990's. A constantly changing and ever-eager student to his craft, Lee's finger has been pressed upon, if not thrust into, the throbbing aorta of underground dance music for quite some time – even if his production skills and brain-demolishing live PA have only recently begun to garner the attention of techno and house music's elite. Growing up between the two poles of Chicago and Detroit organized Lee's approach to production squarely between the grooving, deep house sounds of artists like Derrick Carter, and the mindfreaking work of techno producers such as Ricardo Villalobos, Zip (aka Dimbiman), Matthew Dear and Richie Hawtin. Over the past year Lee has begun to tour extensively in America and Europe, notoriously adhering to a 'fuck trends, fuck dance music, and fuck me' approach to producing and performing that only the strongest of stomachs and most iron-clad of minds can withstand. His music's dark, sexy, and uncompromising singularity have earned him coveted performance slots at the 2007 DEMF and Mutek festivals, preludes to his upcoming summer move to Europe and a new commitment to touring and producing. Curtiss was recently named by Matthew Dear as one of they key figures of emerging talent in URB magazine's next 100, but Lee would rather you quit reading this bio and either book hhttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifim, buy his record, or come see him melt you and your friends faces at a club near you.

Lee Curtiss Live at Wolf + Lamb 4/14/07

the Yard (miami's new jewel)
261 NE 73rd St.
Miami, FL 33138
directions on how to get to the place!



Michal Ho - Screw The Coffeemaker [Tuning Spork]


Take Away
Stop, Start feat.Shadi Megallaa
Screw The Coffeemaker
Good Tips
Ghost Floppy

Swayzak - Some Other Country [Studio !K7]


Quiet Life
So Cheap
No Sad Goodbyes
Distress And Calling
Smile And Receive
Silent Luv
Pukka Bumbles
By The Rub Of Love
They Return

Onur Ozer - Kaşmir [Vakant]


Terpsichorean Echoes
Astronomy Glance



a perc suggestion...

...lots more to come ,)


Cool Interview w the Man - Ricardo Villalobos....

...taken from the lattest isuue of XLR8R...

...and some tunes...

Raresh - Dry Tool
Miss Fitz - Menternal (Villalobos In The Pipe Mix)
Matt John - ASAP





some mix I did last week; probably the most minimalistic of got yet; enjoy ,)

a mnml boogie - here.

I haven't posted techno tunes in the longest time, so here ya go ,)

Lawrence - Rabbit Tube (Koze remix)
Dapayk & Padberg - Sister
El Carlitto - North East
Avus - Taken
Brothers' Vibe - El Baile (Acappella)


Radiohead - In Rainbows // W.A.S.T.E. Products Ltd.

Soda Estereo re-unites and Radiohead releases a new album, a wonderful present it is ,)

Notes from the release:
Radiohead's seventh studio album is initially only available as a download from inrainbows.com for as much as one wishes to pay (from free to £99). A credit card fee of £0.45 if you choose to pay any amount.

A personalized link to the album is emailed to you after your purchase of either the stand-alone digital album or the discbox (available at the fixed price of £40). The digital album comes as a 48.4MB zip file containing 10 x 160kbps DRM-free MP3s, encoded with LAME version 3.93. No album art is contained in the ZIP file.

Along with the typical Artist Name, Track Title, Album Title, Date and Track Number fields, the ID3 tag includes a Copyright and ISRC tag. Copyright is listed as _XURBIA_XENDLESS LIMITED. ISRC is listed as GB-STK-07-000## (where ## is the track number, 01 through 10).

The download is being hosted by W.A.S.T.E., the official Radiohead fanclub. Purchases are handled by Xurbia Xendless, the secure server owned by W.A.S.T.E. - src

Radiohead - 15 Step

...also click ur way to the latest trends in techno at random cuircuits.
kids these days...


Gigs coming twrds a venue near you!! (miami) :... Anja, Three, Lee, Garnier, Robots, Curtiss, W+L, minimoo, Soda Estereo ,)


Mike Dunn aka MD III - The Pressure Cooker (1993)

Been looking for this track, finally tracked down the artist & track name, not sure of the mix though, or where to get this gem.


Three precious albums you shouldn't doubt in getting...

Samim- Flow [GPMLP016]

Swiss DJ and producer Samim has often been part of a couple, first with Michal Ho as Samim & Michal, then later as part of Bearback and Fuckpony with Jay Haze, the latter of which was responsible for last year’s rated longplayer on Get Physical ‘Children of Love’. This year Samim has been stepping into the spotlight alone a little more, with a huge remix of Pier Bucci’s ‘Hay Consuelo’ and big solo gigs in London, Barcelona and Berlin. He’s also techno’s most enthusiastic blogger.

‘Flow’ promises Samim vocal tracks featuring Big Bully (‘Spring Break´), Middle Eastern percussion (‘Black Death´) and even touches of R&B (‘The Lick´ - billed as Timbaland in Berlin in the press notes).

‘Flow’ tracklist

1. Intro
2. Springbreak
3. Blackdeath
4. Heater
5. Ukaka
6. Setup One
7. Zleep
8. Force Feedback
9. The Lick

Chloe - The Waiting Room

French DJ/producer and Ivan Smagghe confidante Chloé is set to release 'The Waiting Room', her debut artist album.

Perhaps best known for her residency at The Pulp in Paris, and her genre-bending (or is that gender-bending?) mix CD with Smagghe, 'The Dysfunctional Family', Chloé's debut artist album looks set to cast the spotlight more brightly on her production. Her crates may be stuffed with import minimal and local electro 12”s, but the Chloé 's productions are even more diverse, encompassing electro acoustic experiments, gravelly ambient techno and drone pop.

It seems even the Kill the DJ crew is at a loss to describe Chloé's latest adventure, admitting, "We don’t really know which road she’s taking." But the Academy Music in Paris graduate is more likely to let her music do the talking for her, so you'll have to wait until October to assemble that puzzle.

The Waiting Room tracklist

1. The Waiting Room
2. I Want You
3. Be Kind to Me
4. It´s Sunday
5. Common Cello
6. Around the Clock
7. No One Can Be
8. Suspended
9. Amour
10. Dead End
11. Beneath the Underground
12. Over the Dose
13. Brashov
14. Womb to Tomb
15. The Door

Pan-Pot - Pan-O-Rama

First artist album on Mobilee comes from Berlin up and comers Pan-Pot. 'Pan-O-Rama' will be released in October.

Humbly named after a knob on a mixing desk, Pan-Pot is Berliners Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix. The duo used to be a trio, making records with Marco Resmann/Phage from Luna City Express, which should clue you into their sound, but with the departure of Resmann, Pan-Pot are pressing ahead as a production duo. Not to mention a live act and DJ team - check RA Events for Pan-Pot dates in Europe in support of the album.

Pan-Pot have had five singles on Anja's Scheider's Mobilee label already, as well as remixes for Misc., Dapayk Solo and Damián Schwartz, all characterised by a heads down, bleepy approach to your night out. Their debut album 'Pan-O-Rama' arrives with a collab with Dessous house producer Vincenzo, as well as lead single 'Charly', which features the mysteriously named Hugh Betcha on vocals.

'Pan-O-Rama' tracklist

01. Threesixty
02. Ape Shall Never Kill Ape
03. Dog´s Dinner
04. Black Fusion
05. Charly (Pan-Pot feat. Hugh Betcha)
06. Apocalyptic Horseman
07. Crnak
08. Hypnotized Shark
09. Moving Space
10. Faces (Pan-Pot feat. Vincenzo)

...apologizes for not posting in such a long time I've been really busy these days, school, projects & organizing events, further details to b announced soon, thankx to all for hooking up and also a big shout out of appreciation to those that have contacted me outside of the blog, much good things to come so stay tuned, love you all, take care ,)


a slection of current tracks...

Laudert - Freies Gelaeut [Eintakt]
Rework - Love Love Love Yeah (Chloe Remix)[Playhouse]
Julien Chaptal - Am I Loco Lima [Remote Area]
Falko Brocksieper - Off The Rack [Sub Static]
Quenum - Secret Soul [Soma]
Berkant - Bergengruene [U_derline]
Sian - Zelda [Octopus]

& two from some of my favourite girls...

MIA - Swoon [Sub Static]

Kate Wax - You Can Break My Bones [Mental Groove]



click on the image to know who she is...

Ryan McGinley

click on images to link...


Nin-Com-Pop - 2LS Mix
Untiteled - Four Tet Remix
Kid For Today - Stereolab Mix


" when the mainstream comes to you, run to the underground "

My mix debut, a project I call Psycological Experiments, a research adventure attempting to build rapport with the listener while inducing him in a hypnosis that is completely unpredictable & abstracts from contemporary circumstances.

DWNLD: [Psy_Ex001]

Shadi Megallaa - Nerve Wreck | N/A
Ambivalent - R U OK (Kasper Hypno Synth Mix) | M_nus
Tiefschwarz - Troubled Man (Broke remix) | Souvenir
Troy Pierce - Even If It's Alone (Black Acid) (Louderbach Mix) | M_nus
Dapayk & Padberg - Black Beauty (Afterhour Edit) | Mo's Ferry
Minilogue - Orlag B | Minilogue
SLG - Sleepless (Oliver Hacke Remix) | Trapez
Pele - Childhood's End (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Rmx) | Connaisseur
Confetti Bomb - Marquess De Sade | Underl_ne
Cold - Strobelight Network (Eulberg & Ananda Remix) | Exacta.udio
Skoozbot - Lost | Plus 8
Miguel Colmenares - Tranquilito | Pinksilver
Pan Sonic - Leikkuri | Blast First Petite
Klovn - McKlaren | Pineapple Records

Caution: Not meant for the weak of mind or to be listened while operating machinery of any sort. Listen at ur own risk.



False aka Mathew Dear - 2007 [M_NUS 055CD]

1. Indy 3000
2. Meat me in the Markt
3. Warm Co.
4. Timing
5. Alright Liar
6. Plus Plus
7. Face the Rain
8. Dollar Down
9. Disease/George Washington
10. Act Like Children/Excalibur
11. In the Heather
12. Fed on Youth/HLM/DLG
13. Stomachs/Ankle Biter
14. Forgetting


Release end of September

Statement from the man himself:

"It is all my productions and it's a form of introducing an album as a mix. Every time you do an album and then you do the next one, people start to compare how the music is different, why you did it on this label and not that label, they try to define it, "the other album was better," "there's no hit like 'Easy Lee' on it" and so forth?it's exhausting, really. So I think you always have to find a new way to introduce your music and present yourself. I chose fabric because Judy has been asking me for 3 or 4 years now, but I've been so busy. And it's really stressful to do a DJ mix. So I figured it would be much easier to do a mix with my own music, and of course fabric is the perfect label for me to do this on. The nicest thing is no one will really be talking about how it's an album, it's all moving along very naturally - no big promotion or releasing tracks for radio two months before. I really prefer for it to be treated like a normal mix CD, with no hype. Sound-wise, the mix is going to be more housey than head-y. I'm more known for head-y, trippy music, so of course it is still very trippy and monotone, in the monotone way of delivering always the same tone and doing something to your brain. But it will be more dancey and housey and summery. I always think of the dancefloor when I create music, but not a vision of the actual dancefloor - it's always a vision of what's going to happen. Of course at a club like fabric or a couple clubs in Berlin, you have this already. But many other clubs, not so much - so it's a projection, a vision. And it's not one track after another after another, it develops very subtly."

True contemporary artist produce & mix , talented couple above.


Not my cup of tea but I'm pretty sure some of U will appreciate...
Zombie Nation & Tiga - Lower States Of Conciousness

Now this I love...
Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Tristesse

Also watch out for a wicked triple-disc Balance 012 on behalf of Lee Buridge, the track selection is extremly tastefull. Get it sometime in September. CHAO.


Lovely couple Dapayk & Padberg behind another interesting tune...
Dapayk & Padberg - Black Beauty (Dapayk's Afterhour Edit)

Deep a la BC...
Maxime Dangles - Strawberry (Matzak Remix)

Amaizing guitar solo, saw it live, like WOW...
Smashing Pumpkin - United States

...if U happen to B in Miami tomorrow come join us on a comtempo musical journey till the early hours of the "Miami Dawn"... more info on the link to ur right....PEACE , SEIZE THE PRESENT , CHAO.


Two Lone Swordsmen - Shack 54

Klovn - McKlaren (Trentemoller Rmx)


Images & mostly moving Images from a summer overseas...

MOBILEE 027 will b on behalf of SleeperThief, title not yet know. Superb tunes, check'm OUT!!


CUMBIA at Sonar 2007, via SAMIM @ The Loft, Barcelona

Margaret Dygas @ Heimatmelodie, Essen - 22.06.2007

Sebo K - mobilee at hotel diagonal - sonar 2007

Minilogue live at Maitreya


Stalker - Introducing Savya | Mos Ferry
Troy Pierce - Even If It's Alone (Louderbach Remix) | M_nus
Glacier - Rocky Mountains | Wagon Repair
Rework - Jogging Beat {Roman Flügel's Tender Feet Mix} | Playhouse


M_nus 057, R U OK Rmxs, has leaked, I won't contribute to the plague, but I will post my favourite at low Q for people to listen.., there's a mix on the EP for a bachfull of moods, so get it when it's out, sometime July 6th. Besides the un expected, or shall I say continuing with the un expected, I also got news about a wicked weekend comming up with allot of potential, that includes Matt Tolfrey, Ryan Elliot, and probably the one and only Jamie Jones in our own backyard, extending it till the early hours of "thee Miami Dawn." Yours truly, theeEnd, will probably open for one of these established talents,... like I say M8's Carpe Diem, and please don't sell your souls to another M_nus release... wanna listen to something even more exclusive, link to Adultnapper's new label Ransom Note & listen to the third upcomming release, “Flourescent,” simply AMAIZING!!

Ambivalent - R U OK (Kasper Hypno Synth) | M_nus 057
Adultnapper - Flourescent sample | Ransom Note 003

Current Findings:
Minority Report Computing [AMAIZING]

...what a day it has been in the virtual realm, happy birth day SANCHOS & EL FLACO!!! PEACE!!!


A Selection of current tunes I can't get out of my head:...

...MY MY
Fast Freeze | Cocoon Compilation G
Southern Comfort | Playhouse Compilation Famous When Dead

Matthew Dear...
Pom Pom | Asa Breed
False - Fed On Youth | M_nus 056

Soul Controlers in different wave lengths...
Bond & Blome - Control Your Soul | Sender Rec.
Theo Parrish - Soul Control | Sound Sculptures Volume 1

Deep Apocalyptic but clubby, or Celebratory but Raw, making ends meet, enough, listen...
Oliver Klein - Kraft Pig And Dan Version | Re_Kraft
Denon & Dalcan - Beyond Clouds (Gui Boratto Remix) | Confused Rec.

A Band Apart...
Kalabrese - Aufm Klo | Rumpelzirkus
Mr. Oizo - Transexual | Patrick 122 / Transsexual
Pan Sonic - leikkuri | Katodivaihe
Marsmobil - Neon | Une Affaire De Mode Et De Musique
Dapayk and Padberg - Teapot | Closer to Japan

Avus - Furry Ha | Border Community
Saltshaker Accapella | Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas

....stay safe, say Grace & Carpe Diem M8's, seeya in the in the rebound, lots of goodies comming up so stay tuned, if U get a chance check out Sobebeats, I'm scribbling words there too, PEACE!!